Friday, September 25, 2015

The beginning of your journey.


My name is Kristcha DeGuerre and I am a concentration year mental health student in the MSW program, at The University of Denver. I am the career services adviser for the foundation year students, I am here for any and all career and school related questions you may have. You can contact me at with any questions or concerns regarding your MSW education or career as a social worker.

In my mind I enjoy visualizing graduate school as a flight with a layover. The first year of graduate school is your flight to your layover, you layover is the summer in-between the first and second year, your second year is your last flight and your destination is your MSW degree. I will often refer to your education as your flight and your degree as your destination.

Congratulate yourself on finishing your first couple of weeks in your MSW graduate school career. No, really give yourself a pat on the back. This is an achievement. There are many new experiences and challenges you have been experiencing. You have started your courses and your internships, what a busy schedule you are getting used to. There are many rewarding challenges that come with beginning a new internship, as well as classes. I know, I have been there myself.

In graduate school time goes by very quickly, and in what feels like a short time you will be finishing up you first year. You will be faced will many rewarding challenges, and gain a valuable wealth of knowledge. You will see yourself growing in ways you may have never know you could.

This blog is for you and all your career and school related information. Get ready for your flight, we are about to take off!